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Add 1 Corgi = 2 Corgis

So, Trevor and I were lucky enough to get another corgi pup as a belated anniversary present. I traveled all the way to Texhoma (5 hours) with the company of my friend Manda - and got to pick him out of 8 corgi puppies.
He walks and moves like a bear. So we called him Kuma.

We love him. Hope you enjoy the piccus.

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I can't keep up... Married 2 years today!

Sooo, since swapping back to this journal, I just don't seem to be able to keep up with my friends list. I mean, stuff just gets updated and slips by so fast!

Still, I'm trying to get into the habit of reading (even if I'm not managing to comment much at the moment). I guess this is me a couple of years out of practice - but I'll get there, I swear.

So apart from this: I've been married to Trevor for 2 years as of well - now :)

It feels amazing - hell, it feels unbelievable. For one I never thought I'd get married, live in the states and find someone so amazing as I did in my husband.

So I'm feeling amazingly thankful today, for pretty much everything in my life ^_^


Went and saw: Drag me to Hell (we love horror movies and this was like an 80ish horror movie with better special effects. The more I think about it, the more I liked it)
And we ate at Outback Steakhouse - how Ironic HAHAHA

Anyhu - enough from me :) I'm going to go spend the rest of the evening with my hubbles, puppy, and lj friendslist lol

Changes to my LJ life

I have realised that my dolls have become such a part of my life now, that I can't separate them from my life. Having two journals means I barely use this one, and considering it's a permanent account, that's rather silly. Soooo I'm combining the two.
What this means for my current friends list:

  • Not much has changed

  • Any doll related post will be headed boldly as such. I will make an effort to put more abstract pictures before the cut so as not to offend/scare anyone. There will always be a cut if more than one pic, or a pic that I think might offend/scare.

  • I will continue to babble about Anime, Life and my dog.

  • I am still slightly insane

  • I will still rant occasionally

  • I will still post wordcounts for writing

  • Yes, I am still me.

  • This journal is no longer friends only. Though some posts will of course still, for obvious reasons, be private.

If anyone on my current friends list wishes to remove themselves because of the new addition above, I fully understand.

To my new friends on my friends list:

  • I am still doll crazy

  • I will still rant

  • I will still post pics

  • I will now include more about Anime

  • I will now include more about my life

  • There will now be more about my writing

Please let me know if you would like to be on/or off any of the following filters:

  • Doll stuff (that I feel requires a locked post)

  • Writing (which is always under a locked post)

Please note anyone from my doll friends list is automatically on my Doll stuff list lol.
That's about it really.

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Sports Anime

So... for some reason I keep wanting to watch sports anime.

I've read almost every manga I could get my hands on lately, watched Over Drive, and still - wanting more.

So I thought hmmmm, I'll download some of Major, and see if I like it, since it's like 4 seasons long.

AND OMG I have never cried or been moved so much by an anime in my freaking life. WTF! It's a SPORTS Anime for crying out loud.
Episode 6 will have you reaching for the tissues so much - hell even episode one made me tear up and I didn't even know the characters.
Speaking of which, once you do know them, they're adorable, and you love them and cheer them on.

Damn, I'm only like about to start on episode 13, but wow, I'm LOVING this anime.

Anyway - that's all I wanted to say LOL.
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So yes

I really suck at updating this thing, like REALLY suck at it. Keeping up with two journals gets really tiring.

However!!! I really do try, I just get tired rofl.

Soooo anyhu, the writing is only working when I... write lol.

I'm back to playing WOW again, though hubby insists he will never approach it again!

And, I'm working my butt off!

Other than that, I've been busy as hell. All these people having babies and therefore having baby showers.Lunches with the in laws- dinner with the inlaws - having to go look at the Parade of homes because hubby wants to move into a bigger place REALLY badly.

I just never seem to be home enough to relax and take it easy lately.

oh well! Enough emo-ness from me :)

I've also been watching loads of anime.

Am loving Chrome Shelled Regios with a passion.
Really love Ghost 07
As well as Phantom.

And some others too whose names don't immediately spring to mind.

Urg - I should go back to work.


KH Fic: Entropy and Cough Drops [RikuxSora G-PGish]

Title: Entropy and Cough Drops
Author: Arithion
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Disclaimer: Do I look rich to you? No, don’t own them, sadly.
Rating: Gish with some hints of PG?
Word count: 1320
Pairings: Riku/Sora
Warnings: Introspection, a tad angsty Riku
Summary: Sometimes wisdom isn’t always infinite.

Note: For caseyvalhalla You’re evil, but I ♥ you. Thank you for the prompt and quick beta.
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Random Ramblings...

So, I've been reading lots of fanfiction/Manga and having a rather jolly time of it. The occasional plotbunnies have been popping up, but I'm not entirely sure that I want to write them lol.

Kingdom Hearts is evil. It's whispering in my ear... evil sob (and caseyvalhalla certainly isn't helping lol. Mmmm Roxas, Riku, Axel, Sora *sighs*

Harry Potter planted one really nasty plotbunny in my head - HarryxDraco for crying out loud. But I don't think I'll ever do it, since there's like half a million HP fics already rofl. I don't think they need anymore (though trying to find the good good shit in HP is a nightmare =x Thanks for what you rec'd moffit )

I need to catch up on Kiroshitsuji, because there is so much potential there. Mmmm sooo much Potential. Is it bad to want to write Sabastian x Ciel? No, no I didn't think so.

As for life: I'm currently escaping everything but my gorgeous husband.

^_^ *loves*
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(no subject)

So, I've been posting in my doll journal for the last oh, say, 10 months or so. I'm dreadfully horrible at keeping up 2 journals, but as this one is actually a permanent account, it's silly to let it wallow and not be used.

That being said, I doubt anyone here remembers me, but surprisingly, on sorting through my friends list yesterday, I realised, I still remember quite a few :)

So, this journal will be active again - at least I hope to keep that up. I'm hoping to post ofic word count updates, personal shit, and well... I've missed fandom, so anything fandom related will go in here too... at least theoretically. And I'll try very hard not to post doll pics in this journal, as I know some people really don't like them.

I changed the layout, and will eventually get around to adding purty icons, but as it is, I've been gone from here far too long.

I guess that's about it ;)
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and more Smile... hehe

Title: Smile: Catch Me
Author: Arithion
Disclaimer: If they were mine, the series wouldn’t just be implied shonen-ai in certain bits… trust me... not mine
Rating: PG
Genre: Angstish, bit of drama… um… yeah
Pairing: TezxFuji … finally… wonder how many people read this little bit
Chapter: Seventeen
Summary: What’s behind a smile…?
Warning: If you don’t like shonen-ai.. don’t read this chapter… and if you don’t you probably shouldn’t even have read it this far. Um lost of angst in this one, but I think I make it all better mwuah hah hah… happy reading!

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