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Posting a Fic!

Title: Some Great Reward
Author: Arithion
Rating: PG at the moment... will become R-NC17
Genre: Drama, Angst
Pairing/Characters: will become FujixAtobe
Chapter: First
Summary: Fuji avenges those friends who've been wronged and or hurt, but this time...just revenge isn't enough.
Actual Fic:
So lie to me
But do it with sincerity
Make me listen
Just for a minute
Make me think
There's some truth in it

Make me think
That at the end of the day
Some great Reward
Will be coming my way.

~Depeche Mode – Lie to Me

Some Great Reward:
Fair Game

Atobe stood, looking in shock down at the court he’d just played on. He had no idea why he didn’t feel…victorious. Hadn’t he just beaten one of his most anticipated rivals? The truth was… the victory felt empty…hollow. Not that he’d let anyone know that that was how he felt, but inside, his pride doubted his accomplishment. Maybe it was the fact that his pride was calling him names, and telling him that he hadn’t really defeated Tezuka at all. That he had, in fact, only won because the other was seriously injured. The fact that Atobe couldn’t completely disregard that little voice in the back of his head, irritated him.

Sometimes the truth could hurt, but Atobe was rather resilient. If he really needed to, he’d just twist the truth until it sounded like what he wanted to hear.

It should at least be easy for Hiyoshi to win against the Seigaku freshman, so Atobe settled himself to watch the match, to at least soothe his rebelling ego with that victory. But apparently there was a conspiracy of some sort. Perhaps it was to make Atobe actually…feel guilty for once in his life. He dismissed that with a scornful snort. Guilty…why should he feel guilty?

He couldn’t believe the serve on the Freshman. It was incredible. If Hiyoshi ever wanted to replace him as first singles and captain, he had better find a way to break that serve. A few minutes later, Atobe’s eyes almost fell out of his head. What the hell? The kid was left-handed? Oh this was priceless. He began to wonder how his match would have gone out against this freshman, Ryoma Echizen, or even…how he would have fared against Syusuke Fuji. Someone who could beat Jirou that quickly, that effectively, was intriguing.

Atobe suppressed a shiver and glanced nonchalantly around. He could feel someone watching him, and watching him in earnest. But in earnest for what, he hadn’t the faintest idea. Of course, he was used to being watched by people. The majority female, some male…all admiring who he was, what he had and how he looked. A cocky smile began to spread over his face, but froze when he saw who was looking at him.

Fuji Syusuke stood across the court just staring at him, ever-present smile on his face. That smile made Atobe lose some of his confidence, just for a second and just on the inside, but lose a notch of it he did. It was a smile that knew everything, and held a thousand secrets of it’s own. It was rumoured to be a bad thing to catch the elder Fuji’s attention. Atobe’d heard the rumours…the more recent ones about Mizuki, and a few hours ago he’d seen it’s effect on Jirou. It was only ever good to catch the prodigy’s attention if you were a friend of his. However…Atobe highly doubted that was the reasoning behind the current attention Fuji was giving him.

It seemed he had indeed, at least momentarily, gained the prodigy’s interest.


Fuji began watching Ryoma’s match, but for some reason couldn’t shake the annoyance he felt with Hyotei’s captain. It was infuriating. Tezuka was in a hell of a lot of pain, was seriously injured, had pushed his shoulder too far and all because Atobe was such a conceited bastard. It didn’t matter to the prodigy, that Tezuka had also wanted to test himself. Syusuke’s eyes fell on the opposing captain, taking in everything in one glance. His cocky stance, grin; the air around him that just screamed to adore him, to idolise him. And there were certainly many people that did just that.

It made Fuji wonder. Just how hard did the mighty fall?

His smile widened, and he began staring in earnest at the other boy. He knew that his smile frustrated people, because they could never tell what it was that he hid behind it. Hell, Yuuta couldn’t even tell…which meant that no one else had a hope in hell. Except Tezuka of course…that boy was too perceptive for his own good, but Fuji could still constantly surprise him. Which was a good thing. Syusuke didn’t get close to anyone…it just wasn’t his style… he put little faith in anyone but himself when it came right down to it. Too many disappointments; too many opportunities for someone to know him. It was far more fun to watch others squirm.

He’d managed to garner Atobe’s attention, and Fuji let his smile widen just that little bit, practically able to sense the other’s discomfort. It was a heady feeling, almost of power…intriguing. At any rate it alleviated his almost constant boredom for the time being.

Fuji Syusuke had just found himself a new project. His eyes glinted as his smile grew wider, a sliver of turquoise evident. The change in Atobe’s expression was barely noticeable, but Fuji saw it before turning his attention back to the game in front of him. That lapse in Atobe’s veneer, which would have been missed by the majority of the human race, only made Fuji’s smile wider. It was enough for him to know that it would be worth going after this quarry, after this cause… that sliver of something else, that crack in Atobe’s impenetrable wall, was already a small victory. Fuji wanted more than that… he wanted to crush the Hyotei captain.

That fraction of apprehension was enough of a beginning for him to work with. Fuji was good at inciting a lot of feelings in other people. Predominant among those were: fear and hatred.


The match ended. Echizen won, which really wasn’t all that surprising. He’d been benched that entire day, seen Tezuka fight the game of his life before succumbing to injury, and been fired up enough that he’d almost jumped out of his skin. Fuji congratulated him as much as the rest of the team, but his awareness wasn’t only focused on their freshman. His mind absently sought out his prey, keeping a constant vigil on him, and making sure that he didn’t escape.

His own match had been boring. Sure, he’d employed all of his triple counters, but he hadn’t needed to do so to win. He’d simply done so because he could and because he’d had nothing better to do. Of course, it was also true that beating Jirou with normal tennis just wouldn’t have been as entertaining, or as humiliating, nor as quick. And that had been the entire point of the match. To defeat him in under fifteen minutes…to prove that the only person allowed to humiliate his younger brother, Yuuta…was himself.

Fuji didn’t want to go back to school, he didn’t want to work at things he could do in his sleep, or concentrate on learning something that took him only a fraction of the time to learn that it took others. Challenge. That’s what he needed, a challenge…a purpose. His grin widened. He did believe that he’d just found one. Granted, it might not be a very nice train of thought, but Fuji had never claimed to be nice…it wasn’t a reputation he felt he deserved, needed or that necessarily served a purpose for him.

He watched the groups break up and go their separate ways. Atobe still surrounded by a group of rather adoring fans, trying to console him of the loss. Fuji smiled and walked away, waiting just beyond the hedges on the path, not in plain sight of the tennis court, but in plain enough sight that he couldn’t be missed once outside them.

It was a little while before Atobe rounded the corner, alone, his hands shoved into his pockets and his head slightly down turned. His expression was the same as usual though, confident and purely Atobe. There was a slight frown crease between his brows, but it was barely visible. It would have made Fuji smile if he hadn’t already been.

“Pensive thoughts, Atobe?” Fuji continued to smile, as a brief look of consternation passed over the other’s face. Keeping people on their guard was fun.

Atobe’s face smoothed back so quickly into his usual expression that anyone but Fuji would probably have thought it a figment of their imagination. “Pensive thoughts? I’m not weak enough for sentiments like that.” The bravado sounded so shallow, Fuji gave himself a point already.

“Weak? Purely subjective of course.” The prodigy took a step closer to the fair-haired boy, entering the other’s personal space. Large turquoise eyes opened fully, pinning Atobe with their gaze. It was a look Fuji’d managed to reduce many people to a squirming mess with…and he loved that heady sense it gave him to use it. Atobe took an involuntary step back, but ended up against the hedge on the other side of the path, and Fuji easily closed the gap.

The prodigy lowered his voice to a whisper, traces of huskiness lilting it. “Tell me. If one chooses their own path…does that choice make them weak… or does it make them stronger for having the strength to choose?”

Atobe blinked, unable to think of a comeback.

Fuji pressed his advantage…it was rare that Atobe couldn’t speak. Point two for the Seigaku senior. “I could crush you, you know? Your style is too focused, you wouldn’t have a chance in hell of beating me…”

The Hyotei captain took the bait, missing Fuji’s predatory glance. “You couldn’t even beat Tezuka. What makes you think you could beat me?” That Atobe pride spoke out, derision pouring from every cell of his body.

Fuji’s smile just widened. “Just because I haven’t, doesn’t mean I can’t.” Fuji’s motivations were his own, and he enjoyed shocking people. He traced a finger lightly down Atobe’s chest, following it with his eyes before looking up sharply once more, his decision suddenly made. Tennis wasn’t the answer for what he wanted to accomplish. “Do you think me weak?”

Atobe blinked again, a slight scowl marring his features. “You’re not weak, but you’re intruding on my personal space.”

“Ahhh,” was all Fuji said, not moving in the slightest. If it was possible, he actually seemed closer, their bodies just a fraction from touching. “Why don’t you push me away then?” His eyes challenged the other, a look in them few could decipher, Atobe not belonging to those few.

It made Atobe hesitate briefly. “Why don’t you prove to me that you’re not all talk? That you can crush me?” There was a light sneer to his voice.

Fuji raised himself up on his toes slightly, his smile changing once again. His breath brushed Atobe’s lips when he spoke, the tone caressing. “Because I’m not like you.” Abruptly, the prodigy pulled away, grin firmly in place. The bus would leave without him if he wasn’t careful. He shouldered his tennis bag and turned to leave, stopping before he began to walk away. “I know my abilities. I don’t need to have other people worship me in order to maintain my self confidence.”

Atobe was rendered speechless again, as he watched the Seigaku prodigy walk away. He scowled before schooling his expression once more. He had no idea why the other boy had gotten to him like that, and he didn’t like the hot flush that spread over his body when he remembered the feel of that warm breath against his lips. Atobe headed home, but try as he might, he couldn’t push thoughts of Fuji Syusuke to the back of his mind.

Most of all though, he wondered why he hadn’t pushed the Seigaku regular away. It wasn’t like he couldn’t have.


Fuji flopped down on his bed, picking up a book to read. In the confines of his room, he rarely wore his smile, but it was always at the ready, just in case. It was probably the first time he’d ever put something into motion, without first knowing exactly what it was he was setting out to achieve. Somehow, that made it all the more interesting…all the more exciting. He now had a sheen to his day, that shone. Something to look forward to doing, to setting out to do…to accomplish. What it was that he wanted to accomplish was, for once, only vague, but he knew he’d figure it out in the long run. And while he was at it… he’d have a little fun along the way.

Hmm, let’s see. Atobe had hurt Tezuka, and had done so, from all appearances, deliberately. He didn’t seem to be able to win fairly, so he had decided he would win unfairly. That was the sort of thing that disgusted Fuji. Just because the prodigy rarely played to the best of his abilities, didn’t mean that he would win with dishonour. He might lose because he couldn’t be bothered…but he never won by underhanded means.

Second…Tezuka was a friend, a good friend, probably one of Fuji’s best friends. Not many people understood Fuji the way Tezuka did. And although the prodigy knew that Tezuka was always annoyed at Fuji’s refusal to play the Captain seriously, he knew that Tezuka understood it on a level as well.

Third…no one screwed with Fuji’s friends or with the people he cared about, and got away with it. Which meant…Atobe had to pay. Fuji smiled, his plan devised. He hummed a slightly off key happy tune. He would break the Hyotei captain…slowly, definitively. If everything went according to plan, Atobe would end up in a thousand shattered pieces. Even after those pieces were picked up and glued back together, there would always be weak spots, just waiting to be broken again. Because once a mirror was shattered, it could never be fully whole again.

Fuji decided he liked that visual.


I'd appreciate feedback... I know it's an... odd pairing... and it's only my second tenipuri fic... soooo yeah...
Oh and the song words at the beginning... are what inspired the fic /snicker... they'll make sense in the end lol

Hope you enjoyed it!


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