Arithion (arithion) wrote,

Birthdays all round...

Happy Birthday Sharon!
Happy Birthday Fuji!

I've never wished happy birthday to an anime character before...
I also have no idea how to find out who on my LJ friends list has a birthday when... so I'm late on that count too :(

Just posting the fic I wrote for the occaision here so I can Memory it lol... thats my archive atm.

Title: Great Minds
Author: Arithion
Rating: PG-13ish
Genre: Kinda Sap
Pairing/Characters: FujixTezuka
Chapter: One Shot, ficlet
Summary: Fuji reflects on the important things… on that one day that only comes once in four years…
Notes: Happy birthday Sharon and Fuji!
Actual Fic:

Great Minds

It was raining. Fuji sat leaning against the windowsill, one hand raised idly tracing the rain drops as they seemed to run away from him. He smiled. It was often like that. Things ran away from him, deliberately mostly. Must have been that something about him, and to be honest, he didn’t mind. As long as he got what he wanted in the end…everything else could disappear for all he cared.

Like the ball in his serve though, everything was only illusion. Fuji twisted reality to suit him and serve his purpose. There was something about deception that intrigued the prodigy. At least, a ruse was good when used for the right purpose. Sometimes though, even Fuji had to admit to having been wrong, and it was those times that deceptions lost their appeal. Sometimes even Fuji Syusuke pushed the joke too far.

His attention returned to the drops on the pane, their ceaseless futile chase. This day seemed futile to him. It always did. Normal days came once a year, but not the 29th of February. No, that day had to be different…his birthday just had to be that much different. Sometimes he wondered if that was the reason that he was the way he was.

Not that it really mattered. Fuji liked himself, and wasn’t about to change…he’d just make sure he didn’t hurt people unintentionally. Suffering was all good, but unless he meant to cause hurt, it could be downright annoying.

And the look in his eyes, had almost made the prodigy crumble…almost made him regret. But Fuji was seldom a person who regretted anything. Besides…had he not accidentally hurt the other boy…the ‘make up’ session would never have ensued, and that was something that Fuji wouldn’t change for all the things in the world.

Something stirred behind him and he wrenched his eyes from the droplets to look at the bed… and smiled a true smile. He wondered if Tezuka knew how amazing he looked like that.

Sleep mussed hair, no glasses, and a sheet draped rather strategically around his torso; it was enough to make Fuji drool. The piercing gaze that somehow seemed to penetrate his soul even without the glasses didn’t help the prodigy one little bit.

The deep voice resonated, making Fuji tingle all over. “It’s cold. You shouldn’t be up wearing so little.”

Fuji’s smile widened. It seemed such a mundane thing to have said when both of them were at least half naked, but it was the way Tezuka was. The fact that he spoke at all, and further that he spoke about something as practical as keeping warm…said a whole lot more on many other levels. They were levels Fuji was determined to complete.

“I was thinking.” Fuji stood up gracefully and almost glided back over to the bed.

Those brown eyes widened ever so slightly, and Fuji was reminded of earlier that day. The eyes that were so warm now, had been shocked and hurt… full of pain. He would never let that happen again. Such a stupid thing to quarrel over…so many stupid games that he liked to play. Maybe it was time he grew up…but Fuji dismissed that thought almost immediately as he began to crawl up from the end of the bed along Tezuka’s body.

The voice was so soft now, that Fuji barely heard it, but what he heard made him smile. “I think I know what you were thinking.” The breath hitched as the body beneath him shuddered with the light caresses Fuji administered.

The soft laugh from Fuji’s throat was like the trickle of a babbling brook, and the prodigy could feel his lover shudder once more. “Want to see if great minds think alike?” He didn’t leave any time for Tezuka to answer. Instead, he claimed soft parted lips in a gently passionate kiss, knowing that he’d never make the same mistake twice… because that was just who he was.

Tezuka smiled into the kiss, breathing the words into his lover’s mouth. “Happy Birthday, Fuji.”

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