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Title: Some Great Reward
Author: Arithion
Rating: PG at the moment... will become R-NC17
Genre: Drama, Angst
Pairing/Characters: will become FujixAtobe
Chapter: Two
Summary: Fuji avenges those friends who've been wronged and or hurt, but this time...just revenge isn't enough.
Warnings: Spoilers for later in the series…Yaoi

So lie to me
But do it with sincerity
Make me listen
Just for a minute
Make me think
There's some truth in it

Make me think
That at the end of the day
Some great Reward
Will be coming my way.

~Depeche Mode – Lie to Me

Some Great Reward:


The ball smashed past Ohtori, another ace served. He pushed white strands out of his eyes and looked at Atobe thoughtfully. “Bad mood?” It was conversational, and earned him a grunt and another ace. He frowned with concentration and actually managed to return Atobe’s next serve. It was late, but the captain had wanted to extend training, probably out of the perverse need to inflict pain on the younger members, to show them who was in charge. Sometimes he seemed to need that.

Ohtori’s serve came around, and he decided to let out some of his own aggression. Just as he took his stance, he realised that Atobe was looking elsewhere. Although the captain’s face was impassive, there were slight frown creases around his mouth. Ohtori followed the other’s gaze and balked a little.

Fuji Syusuke stood outside the tennis court, arms folded, the congenial smile that never left his face plastered on it. His eyes raked over each of them, and watched the court intently, as if willing the ball to move. Ohtori shrugged. Although he couldn’t figure out why the Seigaku prodigy was there, he decided to give him what he’d obviously come for…a show.

Winding up, he called briefly to Atobe to regain the other’s attention, he smashed the ball. Atobe’s return was almost graceful, but hit the net, taking any elegance from the stroke. It was strange, because Atobe was usually one of the only ones who could return that serve effectively. Ohtori frowned and served again, losing himself to the game and forgetting about their visitor.


Fuji smiled as he watched the two Hyotei regulars play. They were good, probably even rather talented…but Fuji was gifted and it made his assessment of their skills somewhat jaded. What they took years to perfect, he could simply pick up a racket and have down pat in a fraction of the time. He might love tennis, but sometimes, it was unbelievably boring…just like everything else. Watching wasn’t boring that afternoon though. Every move he made, every stroke he hit, every expression that crossed Atobe’s face was stored in Fuji’s mind. He memorised nuances the other boy probably didn’t even know he had; memorised the fact that despite outward appearances, the Hyotei captain was definitely aware of Fuji’s presence.

It made Fuji add open eyes to his smile. He’d always been good at reading people. Inui might gather data and play with that, but if you could read the people themselves, you would always be one step ahead. Being able to read people provided a lot of fun for the prodigy, he was always looking for amusing, entertaining things to occupy his time. The gods knew that learning anything new lost its shine far too early for him.

Atobe was a little harder to read than most. That damn arrogance overrode almost everything else. But there were little things that stood out. The ever so slight sagging of his shoulders, the blink of his eyes out of rhythm with his usual synchronisation, the set of his feet slightly out of time to what he’d usually do…everything gave Fuji little hints. So he stood, and watched, and learned … and smiled.

Atobe’s shots were more clipped than usual, his body protested the movements in subtle ways. Fuji saw every one of them. He cocked his head to one side, and waited, staring at Atobe, knowing full well that one could only be stared at for so long before you just had to turn to look at who was staring at you… even if you knew who it was.

The set finished, sweat glistened down both Ohtori and Atobe’s bodies. There was a smug look of satisfaction on the latter’s face, at least until he remembered that there was someone who wasn’t quite welcome, staring at him. Fuji’s patience was rewarded as those grey eyes almost involuntarily turned in his direction.

There was an apprehension in them that wasn’t immediately evident if you weren’t looking for it…but Fuji was. For just a second he held that gaze, opened his eyes a little, and smiled sweetly.
Atobe blinked and wrenched his attention away from the prodigy, whose chuckle he could hear carried on the evening breeze. Ohtori was looking at him in concern. Atobe smiled confidently, setting at least some of his friend’s concerns at ease, and made some flippant comment that he could later not remember. His attention was somewhat distracted. The loss yesterday hadn’t helped and Fuji’s attentions, although not long in their duration, were unsettling the senior.

He waved his friend off with the excuse that he needed to see the coach. With the promise of seeing him the next day, Ohtori left to join Shishido, who was waiting impatiently. Atobe stared after him for a moment, collecting his thoughts in the darkening locker room. Thousands of thoughts ran through his head. From what he needed to do when he got home, to his tennis training, and how he could improve it for the whole team. Despite being the rich pretty boy that he loved to play up to, he did give a shit about the club. It was prestige that ability had brought him, not money, and that was something he valued.

“I’d heard you weren’t in the habit of thinking…are they wrong?”

The breath was warm, just underneath Atobe’s earlobe, the voice whispered over his skin, sending a shiver down his spine. The fact that he hadn’t heard Fuji creep up made Atobe jump. He turned to scowl at his assailant, only to find that smile laughing at him. It was eerie, but at the same time, it soothed him and he couldn’t find it in himself to be angry… no matter how much he might want to.

So he chose to be annoyed instead…and superior. He pulled himself up to his full height and looked down at Fuji who simply continued to smile almost impishly up at him. “Who’s they?” There, he’d managed a short response!

Syusuke’s smile widened and he flicked out a delicate hand in a waving motion. “You know,” he said vaguely, “they…”

Atobe caught himself looking at the prodigy’s fingers…they were almost delicate. He idly wondered how Fuji could play the way he did with hands like that. His concentration was so riveted on he other’s hands, that he missed something Fuji said. Atobe shook his head, not liking the direction his thoughts were taking. “What did you say?” It was snapped, and frankly he didn’t care. How dare Fuji Syusuke make him think thoughts like that, Atobe had enough on his mind without adding to the fire!

It seemed Fuji could even talk and maintain the permanent smile. “I said: So sorry to interrupt. I must have made you overexert your brain cell quota for the day!” Each word was softened by the smile before somehow being delivered in the most mocking manner possible. And yet, Atobe could swear that no one else would have heard that underlying tone.

His patience grew shorter, and he ignored the statement completely. “What do you want, Fuji?”

The smile brightened. “Ahh, what an excellent question!” Those eyes narrowed in an instant, turquoise slits burning with intensity. The prodigy’s voice dropped a note, almost becoming a husky whisper. “What do I want?”

Atobe didn’t know how it happened, but Fuji was standing directly in front of him once again, torso almost touching his own. That same warm breath gusted close to the Hyotei captains lips. Atobe had to close his eyes, just for a second, and opened them to still see blue-green slits studying him intensely. Impatience suddenly enveloped him and he pushed Fuji back, away from him.

It was a forceful push, yet Fuji moved languidly to avoid stumbling, smile shifting back to merry on his face. Atobe’s tolerance snapped. “How the hell should I know what you want?”

Somehow the joviality drained out of Syusuke’s smile. It was still beaming bright, but there was something decidedly cold and calculating about it. A shiver ran down Atobe’s spine before he shook himself and pulled his confidence back around him like a blanket.

Fuji sighed theatrically, that shrewd smile still fixed. “If you’re nice… maybe one day… I’ll tell you.” He cocked his head to one side looking at Atobe’s perplexed eyes. The smile changed again, back to its usual form, making the cruelty of the other smile seem like a faded nightmare. Fuji winked once, and left.

Atobe stared at the door for quite a while, not knowing what the hell to make of the other boy. There was something inside him urging that he find out…and there was the louder part, the part he should listen to…telling him to stay the fuck away.

But Atobe had a soft spot for challenges himself. He smiled into the twilight, wondering just what it was Fuji Syusuke was thinking. His pride didn’t really allow him to wonder if he might not want to know.


Fuji felt a little tired. The afternoon’s practice had been somewhat strenuous. Not having Tezuka at training served as a sharp reminder for what it was that Fuji had decided to go ahead and do. To be honest, he couldn’t think of a better way to accomplish what he wanted to. It wouldn’t be the first time he sacrificed a small part of himself in order to humiliate someone who richly deserved it. As long as the gain was great…

He smiled and decided to go to bed earlier than usual. He was going to have a long few days ahead of him if he wanted to put his plan into action.

The next morning saw him get out of bed earlier than usual. Seigaku may not have early morning training that day, but Hyotei did. He pulled on his school uniform, slung his bag over his shoulder and headed out the door, sending an absent farewell to his sister who called after him to not forget breakfast. Oh, Fuji hadn’t forgotten breakfast; he just had something else in mind.

On his way across town, he picked up a pork roll, which he devoured on the way…and a lollypop. Even Fuji had to admit that the rival school was extremely attractive to look at. Hell, most of its tennis team members were too…and Atobe was no exception, he just had arrogance enough for all two hundred members. It actually made the rest of them rather nice people, Fuji reflected, if one considered that everyone else had to move aside to let Atobe’s head fit in the room.

The prodigy chuckled and made his way to the tennis courts. Training was already in full swing. Freshmen and juniors slammed balls back and forth; regulars appeared to be doing some strength training. Atobe Keigo stood at the far end of the court, arms crossed, that purely confident smirk on his face. Oh, how Fuji wanted to wipe it off his face.

The Hyotei captain was standing right next to the fence. About eight female students had braved the early morning to stand there and throw what seemed to be compliments at the boy. His face reflected bored disinterest, as if he knew everything they were saying, and it should really be taken for granted that he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Fuji grinned, and quietly pushed his way through the girls, receiving death stares from at least half of them, and puppy dog eyes from the rest.

It didn’t phase Fuji in the slightest. He knew he wasn’t ugly, and although he wasn’t one to put much emphasis on the looks of a person, he knew in certain circumstances, it served him to a distinct advantage. Right then was one of those times.

He studied the outline of Atobe’s body, the tension in the shoulders, the width his feet were apart and how he held his head. Since Fuji had joined the girls, the chatter had died down to a whisper, no more cooing about Atobe.

This obviously seemed unusual to the Hyotei captain. He turned to ask why the girls had gotten so quiet…and came face to face with Fuji Syusuke’s smiling visage, eyes hidden in the creases of his face. For a split second Atobe looked like a deer caught in headlights, and Fuji chalked up another point for himself, before regaining his composure.

Atobe raised an eyebrow. “We don’t allow other schools to observe our practices.”

Fuji just smiled good naturedly. “That’s okay, we won…we don’t need to beat you again.”

Brief embarrassment flashed through Atobe’s eyes. “If you’re here to gloat, I can have you escorted off…”

The prodigy interrupted him. “Nya…gloating isn’t my style…that would be Eiji. I’m just here to watch you.” His eyes slit open, revealing a thin turquoise strip…waiting for a reaction.

“Of course you are!” Atobe grinned, mind frantically hoping that the girls surrounding the prodigy were too dense to understand the innuendo with which Fuji had laced those words. “Everyone is here to watch me, it’s only natural, after all.”

“After all…” was all Fuji remarked, eyes locked with Atobe’s own.

Those turquoise depths were fathomless, Atobe couldn’t read even the slightest hint of anything in them, they just pulled him in and held him there, by sheer hypnotisation. It was only with effort that he managed to pull himself away from that gaze, but that all knowing smirk still curved Fuji’s lips. Suddenly Atobe was glad there was a fence between them. He turned back around, not used to the feeling of being out of his depth. He’d never been out of his depth before.

“Get the balls, freshmen. They don’t pick themselves up!” There weren’t that many lying around, but it made the captain feel a hell of a lot better to yell and get a little frustration out.

It was as if Fuji read his thoughts. That soft voice spoke from behind. “Ahh, the comfort of power…dominance.”

Atobe turned his head sharply at the last comment. What the hell was Fuji up to? Why was he here? How did he seem to just…know what to say? Atobe was rarely caught off guard, but the last two days, whenever Fuji showed up, he couldn’t seem to help it. Was it doubt? Naa, Atobe rejected that ridiculous thought right off the bat. So he simply smirked back at the prodigy, counting on the other not knowing him that well, before turning his attention back to the session.

Murmuring started behind him once more, and Atobe could hear Fuji’s soft tenor in amidst the female voices. He tried really hard not to listen, but couldn’t really help it. It appeared that the girls were amazed to find that Syusuke was the tensai they’d heard so much about. It chafed Atobe that his fans seemed to have been distracted.

He barked out orders, a little harsher than he normally would have. Atobe was distracted and annoyed. Maybe he should see to enforcing a rule along the lines of no visitors from other schools during training…especially if they’re Fuji Syusuke.

“You seem tense, maybe you should play.”

Atobe froze. The voice was much closer, and he looked back to see, Fuji lounging against the fence, from the inside of the courts… sucking on a …lollipop. The Hyotei captain blinked, eyes focusing on the treat in the prodigy’s mouth. The stick stuck out of the corner, bobbing up and down in a rather disturbing manner. Those lips never lost their smile.

‘I don’t even like guys.’ Atobe thought frantically. What the hell is wrong with me?

“You have a long morning practice.” Fuji observed, apparently oblivious to the stress Atobe was under.

It was familiar ground, something Atobe could cling to. “We have to. We lost. Hyotei has no room for failure.” The tone was arrogant and sure.

“Ahhh, I see…” Just something about the way Fuji said it, irritated Atobe.

“And just what do you see…”

“More than you realise…” The prodigy pushed himself off the fence and turned to go, but a hand on his free shoulder stopped him.

“Explain that!” Atobe issued a command, a challenge.

Slowly, starting with the fingers, Fuji’s widened eyes followed the arm up to Atobe’s shoulder and then to his face. The look was menacing, full of promises that made the Hyotei captain hope that Fuji Syusuke wasn’t in the habit of keeping them.

“You’re touching me…” The prodigy’s tone was dangerous, “That’s not a very good idea…” Both boys stared at each other for what seemed like an age.

Atobe dropped his hand, releasing the other boy and watched the sudden change come over Fuji’s face. The smile dropped back into place smoothly, eyes crinkling up once again. He leaned forward, head close to the Hyotei captain’s.

His voice was soft, just like the warm summer breeze… “Unless, of course… you want to touch me.”

And he was gone. Like a whirlwind, leaving Atobe standing there, regaining his composure.


Well yeah hehe *nervous laugh* soooo that's chapter two. Thanks to everyone who reviewed the last chapter... and sorry for the cross posting...

Hope you enjoy it... tell me what you think!


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