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For Sharon...

This is a gift fic for sharona1x2 simply because she expressed an interest in Sengoku... sooo heh... yeah. It's myfirst time writing him, so I hope I got him ok... as usual... it's got Fuji in it... couldn't quite resist... but hey... I had to pair Lucky with someone didnt i?

Title: Intrigued: Fascination
Author: Arithion
Rating: G for this chapter, but it’ll probably reach R at least
Genre: Drama, Angst, Yaoi, Romance
Pairing/Characters: will become FujiXSengoku
Chapter: First (it was going to be a one shot *sigh* but it didn’t work like that)
Summary: Fuji is intrigued… very intrigued by a certain orange haird, green eyed Lucky boy.
Warnings: Follows chapter 43 and 44 rather closely… will continue after the tournament, in the next chapter.


Fuji watched the match, his eyes half closed, as usual. In the opening minutes of the match between Momo and ‘Lucky’ Sengoku, the Yamabuki regular had captured the prodigy’s attention. Not because his orange hair and soft green eyes made him rather remarkable to look at, not because of his apparent easy going nature or natural tennis ability; but because if Fuji looked beneath the layers he could see the spark of a kindred spirit.

And so, as the match progressed, Fuji looked. He saw the flicker of a pink tongue as the orange haired boy poked his tongue out at his opponent; he saw the laughing eyes that sparkled with a certain glee at having broken Momo. That was the key; something that Fuji could relate to. Although the prodigy liked to have a real reason for doing something like that… he could relate.

All in all, Fuji found himself…intrigued.

Everything the Yamabuki boy did, was geared at destroying his opponent. Perhpahs destroy was too strong a word and more something that Fuji liked to do on occasion, but for the moment it was an apt enough description. The red-head kept his opponents off balance by constantly cracking jokes, observing their skill, and then swooping in for the kill.

~Lucky my arse…~ Fuji thought as he let his smile widen. There was nothing lucky about the boy. He was coldly calculating, with a cheeky smile that could almost rival Fuji’s. Although Fuji was fairly sure that Sengoku wouldn’t be the same off the court as he was on it, he was still, nevertheless …definitely… fascinating.

Intriguing… such an interesting word, and yet… so true for this set of circumstances.

Fuji’s eyes never left the form of their opponent. He watched as that small body, just a little taller than Fuji’s own, launched itself into the air to deal Sengoku’s secret weapon: the Kohou. It was fluid, graceful, and made Fuji just want to reach out and grab the boy… to find out what made him tick. Delicate fingers twitched slightly in Fuji’s pockets, itching to touch… to feel… to know… to possess.

It was a reaction he got when he found something that interested him. His natural inquisitiveness made him need to know more than he could readily see. Sometimes it felt like he was a hunter cornering his prey, but overall, he didn’t mind that analogy. It was rather apt.

When Momo broke that serve and returned it, Fuji held his breath slightly, wanting to see how the Yamabuki regular would deal with that circumstance. It was a deciding moment for Fuji. If the red-head himself broke over it, then Fuji’s interest would wane. However, if he rallied himself to come back, Fuji was fairly certain that he wouldn’t lose interest quickly at all.

True to form, Sengoku didn’t disappoint. He rallied, and came back to win the next two games… his ability to distinguish high-speed movement was obvious to Fuji. Body movement, it was called. It was even enough to make the prodigy open his eyes and voice his thoughts to his fellow teammates, all the while wondering just how to approach the other youth.

~Sengoku Kiyosumi, you really are something, quite… unique~ thought Fuji, his smile widening once more. Syusuke liked unique things…especially ones he could get to know…and understand. Understanding was the key to unlocking each and every secret a person held, and secrets were best used to one’s own advantage. Fuji smiled… not really paying attention to the match anymore. He knew Momoshiro’s tenacity would probably win out against the Yamabuki senior in the long run.

Sengoku definitely wasn’t a prodigy. That was something obvious to Fuji from the very beginning. He was, however, talented. Through hard work, he had obviously developed a very distinguished style…and personality.

Fuji was pulled out of his reverie by Momo’s development. “Jack Knife…” He voiced his observation out loud, before sinking back to his own contemplations. His eyes continued to track the Yamabuki regular and his eyes widened slightly when he saw that the other boy was still able to use his serve. “It’s Kohou…” slipped from his lips before he could stop it. Turquoise eyes widened as Momo Jack Knife returned it, and remained fixed on Sengoku as the racket fell from the red-head’s fingers with the force of the return.

There was surprise, disappointment and self-derision in those soft green depths, but it was quickly replaced by a sparkle and a smirk. Fuji knew that reaction all too well. He watched as an orange hair fell into the Yamabuki senior’s eyes as he was obviously berated by his coach. The blush that crossed that freckled face, made Fuji smile a little more.

The prodigy made a decision…and while the courts were being cleaned, and the others were giving Ryoma advice for the up and coming match…Fuji sought out the object of his interest.

Hands in his pockets, he wandered over to where he could see the other boy lounging against a tree. The prodigy trod softly, making sure he didn’t make a sound, but something must have given him away, because he didn’t make it nearly as close as he would have liked to before Sengoku looked up. Nevertheless, Fuji let his smile shine full force, eyes crinkling in the way only he could. “Good match,” was all he said, and waited for the other boy to answer him.

The answer came, tone of voice light and carefree, cheeky smile in place. “It would have been better if I won, but I can’t have luck all the time now, can I?” He laughed in that self-depreciating way.

Fuji leaned against the same tree, to the side, his shoulder brushing Sengoku’s lightly. “No, too true. Sometimes luck just runs out.”

Sengoku laughed again, a little less inhibited, perhaps more recklessly…Fuji couldn’t tell, but the answer surprised the prodigy mildly.

“My luck doesn’t run out… I just brought the wrong dice today. I’ll make it up next time.” The laugh continued, before dying down into a chuckle. The redhead ran a hand through his hair, a rueful smile appearing on his face. “You were watching.”

Fuji didn’t let his surprise show. Although he knew what the other boy meant, he feigned ignorance. “Of course I was watching. Momoshiro is my team-mate after all.” He opened his turquoise eyes just a fraction to accent his smile.

Fuji waited.

Sengoku’s smile didn’t falter. It held that cheeky, knowing, secretive grin in it… the one that made Fuji just want to reach out again… the one that made his fingers itch. With a wink of one green eye, the Yamabuki regular changed the subject. “It’s a shame. The playing order was strange today. I’m not sure what Banjii was thinking. I would have liked to play you.”

Fuji chuckled, detecting a slight undercurrent… an underlying meaning beneath those words…one he was satisfied by. “Ahh yes. The feeling is mutual. Perhaps… another day?”

“Another day it is then.” Sengoku held out a hand to shake, which Fuji took, shaking to seal the deal. Their hands lingered, perhaps a little longer than necessary, before each withdrew their own.

Inclining his head so that his eyes were momentarily hidden. Sengoku raised his head again and spoke, soft green orbs sparkling with mischief. “A deal it is then. I’ll hold you to it.”

The conversation was something that any passer by wouldn’t have blinked at, but Fuji could read people, and was certain he was reading the other boy correctly. There were underlying innuendos in everything they both said. One feeding into the other…feeding off each other.

Fuji glanced quickly at the courts, realising that Echizen would be playing soon and he would have to put in an appearance. Resisting the urge to sigh in exasperation, Fuji simply smiled at Sengoku, knowing that the other boy would understand what he meant with his next words.

“I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.” Fuji turned to go and join his team-mates, able to feel those smiling eyes watching his every move.

With any ‘luck’ he’d be feeling them do a lot more, sooner rather than later.

Fuji smiled.


Okies weee well *hugs* Sharon! Will get the rest out asap!

Tell me what you think! I always appreciate feedback!

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