Arithion (arithion) wrote,

So, I've been posting in my doll journal for the last oh, say, 10 months or so. I'm dreadfully horrible at keeping up 2 journals, but as this one is actually a permanent account, it's silly to let it wallow and not be used.

That being said, I doubt anyone here remembers me, but surprisingly, on sorting through my friends list yesterday, I realised, I still remember quite a few :)

So, this journal will be active again - at least I hope to keep that up. I'm hoping to post ofic word count updates, personal shit, and well... I've missed fandom, so anything fandom related will go in here too... at least theoretically. And I'll try very hard not to post doll pics in this journal, as I know some people really don't like them.

I changed the layout, and will eventually get around to adding purty icons, but as it is, I've been gone from here far too long.

I guess that's about it ;)
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