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Fic: You Know [Kingdom Hearts - RikuxSora G]

Title: You know?
Author: Arithion
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: G
Word count: 484
Pairings: Riku/Sora
Warnings: Fluff!
Summary: Sometimes stars lead to fluff!
Notes: a special thanks to caseyvalhalla  for her evil encouragement and help.

"You know?”

Sora blinks his eyes, like a shutter in front of the starry sky above him. “Know what?” because he likes to know the things going on in Riku’s mind, every chance he gets.

But, to Sora’s surprise, Riku pushes himself up on one elbow and looks at him with an unreadable expression on his face. “You weren’t listening to a word I said, were you?”

Sora has the good grace to blush.

Riku laughs. “I should have known,” he mutters, and turns his eyes back to the sky for a moment, still propped up on one arm. “No matter where it is we go off to school, or how far we’re separated, I’ve got the feeling we’ll always be friends.” He turns to look back at Sora, eyes serious, no hint of his usual joking, derisive self, “You know?”

“Yeah,” And Sora finds that he really does, only sometimes he wishes it were something more than it is. Still, Riku is someone he’ll always be tied to in ways unbreakable by anything else.

Riku’s eyes are sparkling, like the stars above, as he looks at Sora, a teasing smirk to his lips. “Why so serious? You look like someone’s taken something away from you. Oh wait?” He opens his eyes wide in mock-disbelief. “Could it be me?”

Sora blushes again, and sets his jaw stubbornly, eyes staring determinately at the stars, refusing to give Riku the satisfaction of seeing the truth in his eyes. But he doesn’t expect the poke in his ribs, that involuntarily makes him almost double up with laughter and he finds his face all of a sudden far too close to Riku.

“So,” Riku’s hair hangs down, tickling Sora’s nose. “could it be that you don’t want to be separated?” The tone is serious now, a serious he only ever sees Riku show when they’re together. That mischievous smirk has vanished from the corners of his lips, leaving Sora to see everything in his eyes.

“Yeah, maybe…” Sora tries his best not to make eye contact with Riku, because he knows if he does, he’s lost. Not being entirely sure what the game or prize is, doesn’t make him want to lose any less.

“Well? Say it,” Riku coaxes, and Sora can see his eyes sparkling even though he tries to avoid looking directly at them. “You know you want to,” and Riku fights to bite back the laughter.

“Fine!” Sora almost shouts, feeling out of sorts and picked on.

Riku sits back, triumphantly.

“Fine. I don’t want to be separated because I’ll have no one to write my essays for me.” Sora smirks.

Riku blinks, twice. “You little…”

But Sora is up and running away, laughing out loud as he does.

And Riku can’t help the smile that comes to his lips, before he gets up and gives chase.


Well there we go ^_^

Tags: fanfiction, kingdom hearts, soraxriku

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