Arithion (arithion) wrote,

So yes

I really suck at updating this thing, like REALLY suck at it. Keeping up with two journals gets really tiring.

However!!! I really do try, I just get tired rofl.

Soooo anyhu, the writing is only working when I... write lol.

I'm back to playing WOW again, though hubby insists he will never approach it again!

And, I'm working my butt off!

Other than that, I've been busy as hell. All these people having babies and therefore having baby showers.Lunches with the in laws- dinner with the inlaws - having to go look at the Parade of homes because hubby wants to move into a bigger place REALLY badly.

I just never seem to be home enough to relax and take it easy lately.

oh well! Enough emo-ness from me :)

I've also been watching loads of anime.

Am loving Chrome Shelled Regios with a passion.
Really love Ghost 07
As well as Phantom.

And some others too whose names don't immediately spring to mind.

Urg - I should go back to work.


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