Arithion (arithion) wrote,

Sports Anime

So... for some reason I keep wanting to watch sports anime.

I've read almost every manga I could get my hands on lately, watched Over Drive, and still - wanting more.

So I thought hmmmm, I'll download some of Major, and see if I like it, since it's like 4 seasons long.

AND OMG I have never cried or been moved so much by an anime in my freaking life. WTF! It's a SPORTS Anime for crying out loud.
Episode 6 will have you reaching for the tissues so much - hell even episode one made me tear up and I didn't even know the characters.
Speaking of which, once you do know them, they're adorable, and you love them and cheer them on.

Damn, I'm only like about to start on episode 13, but wow, I'm LOVING this anime.

Anyway - that's all I wanted to say LOL.

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