Arithion (arithion) wrote,

Changes to my LJ life

I have realised that my dolls have become such a part of my life now, that I can't separate them from my life. Having two journals means I barely use this one, and considering it's a permanent account, that's rather silly. Soooo I'm combining the two.
What this means for my current friends list:

  • Not much has changed

  • Any doll related post will be headed boldly as such. I will make an effort to put more abstract pictures before the cut so as not to offend/scare anyone. There will always be a cut if more than one pic, or a pic that I think might offend/scare.

  • I will continue to babble about Anime, Life and my dog.

  • I am still slightly insane

  • I will still rant occasionally

  • I will still post wordcounts for writing

  • Yes, I am still me.

  • This journal is no longer friends only. Though some posts will of course still, for obvious reasons, be private.

If anyone on my current friends list wishes to remove themselves because of the new addition above, I fully understand.

To my new friends on my friends list:

  • I am still doll crazy

  • I will still rant

  • I will still post pics

  • I will now include more about Anime

  • I will now include more about my life

  • There will now be more about my writing

Please let me know if you would like to be on/or off any of the following filters:

  • Doll stuff (that I feel requires a locked post)

  • Writing (which is always under a locked post)

Please note anyone from my doll friends list is automatically on my Doll stuff list lol.
That's about it really.

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