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Gratuitous Smut...

Well you see… I was writing chapter four of smile… and bouncing it off moffit, and we got this idea, which of course couldn’t be used for smile. So now it’s a deviation off smile called Make me scream… of course listening to Oshitari singing Crafty with that liquid sex voice of his... didnt help...

Title: Make me Scream…
Author: Arithion
Rating: R-NC17
Genre: gratuitous smut (um does this have it’s own genre?… does now)
Pairing: TezxFuji
Chapter: ONE SHOT
Summary: One of many things you can do with a bored prodigy
Warnings: I warn you now… it’s smut… the first page is only slightly variates from the fourth chapter of smile… and then… um… it’s completely different… I tried not to angst too much, tried to stay in character… yummy sex… yes well… enjoy

Make me Scream

Fuji sighed lightly, the soft wisp of breath making the hair hanging in his face sway gently. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Tezuka tense slightly, and the prodigy grinned to himself.

They were studying at Tezuka’s house. Fuji had commandeered the bed, because it was just so much larger and more comfortable than his own. He was lying on his stomach, with his legs bent so that his feet were in the air. His books were pushed to the side with long completed homework.

So he sighed again, this time a little louder, and suppressed the chuckle at the way Tezuka’s shoulders tensed again. It was barely discernable, but Fuji knew what to look for. He raised his hands in front of him and rested his chin on them, bending his back in the process. Feeling restless, he also started to swing his feet in the air, feeling the springs of the bed move ever so slightly under him.

He knew Tezuka was paying a fraction of attention to him from the way he sat, and from the way he wasn’t fully concentrating on what he was writing. Usually, Fuji was considerate of the fact that the other boy took a little longer, but right then Fuji was fidgety. It wasn’t his fault Tezuka was so damn meticulous.

“Ne, Tezuka?” He saw the older boy freeze, pausing in his work for a moment, before giving a slight shake of the head and continuing without responding. Fuji frowned good-naturedly. It seemed he hadn’t quite pushed Tezuka that far yet. Just because they’d become closer friends, didn’t mean that Fuji spared Tezuka his sense of humour or love for mischief, nor did it mean that he didn’t like teasing anymore. He just … chose his moments better.

Fuji persisted. “Ne, Tezuka?”

Again, there was a slight tensing of the taller boy’s shoulders, but this time he also half turned in his chair to look at the friend sprawled on the bed. His response was drawn, as if against his will, but he spoke anyway. “Yes, Fuji?”

Fuji just beamed a smile. “I’m bored.”

Tezuka seemed to resist the urge to roll his eyes, and turned back to his desk, dismissing the mood of the prodigy, which was really what Fuji had been expecting. But he’d been telling the truth. Fuji was bored.

So he flipped himself onto his back, hands pillowed beneath his head, and stared at the ceiling. This whole friendship thing was confusing. He knew he really should let Tezuka study, but he was just so damn bored. For the next few minutes he decided to count Tezuka’s books on the shelves, but lost interest very quickly. There were 32 books on the top shelf, 43 on the second…Fuji had counted them so often he knew the numbers off by heart. Not that that would have taken him long either…

So he sighed again as his mind wandered through different avenues of possibility for his own entertainment. One idea struck him as funny, and although he was fairly certain Tezuka wouldn’t think it was, Fuji just had to try it.

A grin spread over his face, and Fuji licked his lips before undoing his schoolshirt buttons to free the pale expanse of his chest. Placing his hand on his stomach, he let out a long, wanton moan, and breathed a name in the same fashion. “Tezuk-kaaahhh!”

Fuji heard the pencil snap, and the chair fall over. He turned his face to look at Tezuka, hands still drawing patterns around his nipples, and couldn’t help laughing at the indignant scowl he wore. “You should… see your face!” Fuji managed to gasp out. Oh what an idea. Fuji scrambled for his bag and his camera.” Oh wait… just hold…this is priceless…” but his words trailed off when Tezuka grabbed a hold of his arm.

The prodigy turned a startled face in Tezuka’s direction, anger slowly overcoming him. The captain knew that Fuji didn’t like to be touched, but when he saw the taller boy’s expression, Fuji audibly gulped.

Tezuka’s brown eyes immobilised Fuji. There was something in that gaze that struck a core deep within the shorter boy, and he found himself transfixed, unable to move. He barely heard the words when Tezuka spoke in that low, dangerous, don’t push me tone of voice.

“Why did you do that?”

All of a sudden Fuji wasn’t too sure he liked his own sense of humour. “I was bored…it was a way to amuse myself… a joke.” The prodigy had never stuttered in his life, but if asked seriously he’d be able to say that he came damn close to it right then.

Tezuka's gaze pierced right through Fuji. "You shouldn't say my name like that.“

“Sorry, Tezuka.” Hell if that was the reaction Tezuka was going to have to a simple moaning of his name. Then Fuji would never, ever do it again. “It won’t happen again…”

But Tezuka was smiling, slightly anyway, and it looked like his eyes were glowing. Somehow he was so much closer to where Fuji was standing, now pressed against the taller boy’s wardrobe. Cerulean eyes darted, seeking a way out, only to focus on Tezuka once again as arms suddenly rested next to Fuji’s neck, on either side, effectively blocking any route of escape.

“Um… Tezuka?” Fuji couldn’t tear his eyes away from those of his captain, and he wasn’t entirely sure he wanted to anyway.

The voice was low and sultry, a different variation on the I will not accept no as an answer voice. A long, slender finger drew a line down Fuji’s face, past wide eyes to cup his chin. “If I were to give you a reason to call my name out, you wouldn’t be moaning it. You’d be screaming."

What the… before Fuji could react, he found lips pressed against his own, pliant and yet demanding things of him Fuji had never given to anyone before. Tezuka’s body effectively sealed him against the wardrobe, the rough material of his school shirt rubbing against the prodigy’s bare chest.

Tezuka’s tongue probed against Fuji’s lips, seeking, no…insisting on entrance. A small moan tore itself from Fuji’s mouth, forcing his lips open before he realised that extra sensation came from Tezuka’s other hand, gently massaging a nipple.

The captain smiled briefly into the kiss, running his tongue over the inside of Fuji’s lips. “We’ll build up to the scream,” he breathed into Fuji’s mouth, before clamping his own down, almost devouring the shorter boy. Tezuka liked control, he wasn’t only good at it, he revelled in it. He delighted in leaning over his friend, savoured every taste of Fuji he could get. He’d have to be careful though, it was like a drug…too much and he’d be addicted.

Tongues clashed as Fuji’s awareness started to clear. How long had he wanted this for? How long had he daydreamed? His arms slid around Tezuka’s body, gripping to his back, pulling at the offending shirt. He ran one leg up the side of Tezuka’s, seeking to pull them closer, to increase the contact. Tezuka was going to make him scream, was he? Fuji smiled; he could definitely work with that.

Tezuka couldn’t help but grin into the kiss, as Fuji’s hands found their way back around the front of his chest to work at the buttons to his shirt. A perplexed growl rumbled in the back of the prodigy’s throat before he yanked at the offending top, sending plastic buttons flying with the force of it. Calloused, warm fingers assaulted Tezuka’s nipples, and all thoughts of his ruined uniform fled his mind as he tried to crush Fuji to him, meld with him.

Fuji regained his senses rapidly; probably part of having a genius brain, he congratulated himself. However, he was not expecting Tezuka to break the kiss and attack his neck with abandon. The prodigy squirmed, pain mixing with pleasure as Tezuka bit down on the juncture of his neck and shoulder. Somewhere in the back of his mind he chastised himself with the reminder to work on reading people a little better. But the current situation was far too desirable to bother about that for long.

Fuji lowered his hands, trailing his nails down Tezuka’s chest on the way, before reaching the waistband of the school uniform. Tezuka couldn’t help the sharp intake of breath as those fingers ghosted along the top of his pants, before hesitating briefly over the button. Pushing Fuji’s shirt off those pale shoulders with his own hands, Tezuka answered the unspoken question by lowering his own hands without hesitation and working at the button on Fuji’s own uniform.

The prodigy moaned, wriggling against Tezuka, trying to get closer and at the same time, work the zipper of those troublesome slacks free. When he felt the other boy’s warm hand ghost along Fuji’s own length, separated only by the thin material of his boxers, he almost lost it. With an insistent tug, Fuji lowered the other boy’s pants. He pushed one hand past the close confines of their bodies to cup Tezuka’s ass and bring them closer together.

Both of them gasped as their erections met, straining against the cloth separating them. Tezuka could barely contain himself. He moved his hands to cup each cheek of Fuji’s ass, and lifted. His smaller partner, complied, wrapping both legs around the captain’s waist, twining his arms around the neck. Shoving Fuji against the wall, Tezuka leaned in to maintain his balance, catching the prodigy’s lips in a rough, passionate kiss.

Fuji shuddered against the taller boy, not even noticing the handle digging into his back. His body was awake with sensations and he wanted more, much more. “Bed…” he tried to gasp out, but all that he managed was a moan, so he waited until he could regain some more oxygen between Tezuka’s attempts to devour him whole, and spoke again. “Bed…” he breathed into the captain’s mouth, and suddenly found himself spun around and dropped unceremoniously onto said piece of furniture.

The wind left him momentarily, becoming stolen breath as Tezuka leaned over him, catching his bruised lips once more. Clothes, and glasses were divested without further thought, amidst kisses, caresses, bites and scratches. The taller boy pushed one long, lean leg in between Fuji’s own, hands gripping the prodigy’s unresisting thighs and spreading them. The shorter boy’s moans were greedily swallowed by the other, before Tezuka drew away, leaving him panting for breath, yet wanting more.

Fuji’s eyes widened as something hot and wet enveloped his sensitive erection, and he scratched at Tezuka’s shoulders with the effort to suppress a scream. Damn it, he wasn’t going to scream. Tezuka was bloody well going to have to work for it. But, oh damn, it felt good. His head swam with sensation, filled to the brim, wanting to explode…or wait… he really did want to explode.

Tezuka felt Fuji’s body responding and continued to concentrate his attention on the appendage beneath him. Not entirely sure what he was doing, Tezuka just used logic, and doing things he was fairly certain he himself would appreciate. He swirled his tongue, applying suction at the same time, apparently doing something right from the way Fuji’s body was shaking and the fingernails that were gouging holes in his shoulders. Tezuka smiled. It seemed Fuji was doing his best not to scream. Hmmm, they’d see about that, wouldn’t they? He increased his rhythm, head bobbing up and down, hands holding Fuji’s thighs firmly, when the smaller body tried to wriggle away from the sensations flooding through him. There was no way Tezuka was going to lose this match, no matter how seriously Fuji decided to play.

It was like sensory overload. Something Fuji wasn’t quite sure his own receptors were ready to deal with. His entire body felt like it was on fire, melting and yet burning away happily at the same time. He could feel a molten heat in the middle of his gut, and his breathing became even more ragged. One hand clenched in Tezuka’s hair, not caring in the least if he removed hairs from that head. The other hand had a vicelike grip on the other boy’s shoulder, leaving wicked red marks in its wake.

Those marks only got worse as that molten lake in the middle of his body sought the only exit it had. Although he managed to avoid screaming, Fuji still emitted a half strangled moan. His eyes swam for a short while as his seed pumped out of his body. He could feel Tezuka, persistent suction, and a little dizzy spell swept over the prodigy at the visual as he gazed down at the taller boy’s head.

Tezuka raised his eyes to look at the sweating boy he’d just sucked dry. It wasn’t that difficult, and Tezuka vaguely wondered why people made such a big deal out of swallowing. But his attention was captured by something far more interesting. Fuji lay on his bed, legs still spread by Tezuka’s own hands. The prodigy had half propped himself up on his arms, and was panting slightly. Cerulean orbs gazed at Tezuka with a look born of lust, languid in its intensity.

It made the brown-eyed boy shudder, sensation prickling over his entire naked body. He’d never seen Fuji pant with exertion before…not even on the tennis court. This was new, this was exciting, and Tezuka was definitely excited. In one swift movement the tennis captain situated himself between Fuji’s legs, lying only half supported on the prodigy’s chest.

Fuji smiled lazily. It wasn’t his habitual smile, it was open, and Tezuka was glad that at least in this instance, the other boy was being himself. A delicate hand reached up to cup Tezuka’s face, before pulling him forcefully into a kiss.

The captain bit down on his surprise, and kissed back. He shouldn’t have been shocked that the kiss was as demanding as it was sensual. With a push, Fuji held Tezuka at arms length, a challenge in his eyes. “Now finish what you started…”

Fuji wasn’t the only one who liked challenges, and furthermore, Tezuka never backed down from one. He pressed his body against Fuji’s answering the challenge with another kiss. Slender, toned legs wrapped themselves around Tezuka, pulling the lovers closer together. There was no escape, not that the captain would have wanted to. His own errection throbbed painfully, and he could feel Fuji’s reawakening. Of course, he should have expected the prodigy to excel in this area as he did in all else.

“You seem to have something that needs taking care of, Tezuka.” Fuji whispered in the taller boys ear, before sucking on the ear lobe. His lips moved down to accost the slender neck, before he spoke again. “Might I help you with that.” His teeth bit down, eliciting a growl from the victim.

Tezuka shook his head to clear the sensations that were flooding his system. With Fuji wrapped around him that way, he couldn’t exactly think straight. “Are you sure?” It was the only thing Tezuka could think of to say. There was a difference between a blowjob and full penetration, although he was experienced in neither. “I’ve never done this before.” Gods but Tezuka wished he could think clearly, but the boy underneath him was amazingly tempting and the captain was only maintaining reason tenuously.

Fuji’s laugh rippled along both their bodies with the proximity they shared. “And I have?” He bit down again, please with the arching of Tezuka’s back at the action. “Besides…you promised you’d make me scream when I next said your name like that.” Fuji pouted, against the neck, knowing Tezuka could feel it. “Didn’t you mean it?”

A hand forced Fuji’s chin back to Tezuka so the taller boy could catch his lips in a harsh, hungry kiss. “Shut up.” Was the only answer the prodigy got, whispered into his mouth.

Their bodies writhed against each other, erections growing, throbbing more and more. Instinct took over, and Tezuka reached for the massage oil he kept for lesser injuries, bypassing the deep heat with only slight guidance from Fuji, who had latched himself possessively to Tezuka’s neck.

Fuji’s eyes closed as the slick digit probed at his opening. This was going to be strange, he knew it. They’d had sex ed in junior year. He bit down on a hiss of pain when Tezuka pushed a finger inside him. It was hard to relax with something foreign inside you where it really didn’t belong. The movements back and forth eased the stiffness a little, and the pain lessened, although a dull throb was still there.

Tezuka watched Fuji’s face, brow furrowing with concern, but the grip Fuji had on him, clearly told him that if he stopped, he was a dead tennis captain. At a slight nod from Fuji, Tezuka withdrew and inserted two fingers at once. His attention focused back on Fuji, whose eyes had shut tightly. Idly Tezuka wondered, if the prodigy had any idea of the picture he painted. Sweat slicked hair plastered to his face, pale body glistening with the exertion of sex… it was breathtaking…and the scent. Purely Fuji.

Fuji squeezed his eyes shut with the pain. Gods, two fingers hurt like hell, how was he going to manage three, let alone…Better not to think about it. Go with the flow. Again it slowly eased up, and Fuji let out the pent up breath he hadn’t realised he’d been holding. Opening sea green eyes, his gaze locked with the Tezuka’s lingering one, and the prodigy smiled faintly.

A genuine smile, and Tezuka couldn’t help but lean forward and capture Fuji’s lips awkwardly. The kiss was gentle and caringly passionate. The taller boy moved to three fingers, and almost withdrew them when he felt the tension string through Fuji’s body. But, maintaining the kiss, Fuji stayed his hand with one of his own.

“No…don’t stop…” There was fiery determination in Fuji’s eyes, mixed with pain. As much as Tezuka might want to stop for fear of hurting the other boy, he knew Fuji was determined not to back down from something he’d made up his mind to do.

Fuji closed his eyes and concentrated on the kiss, and not the sensations in the lower half of his body. The pain was lessening, but was still there… maybe he was just getting used to it, he hoped he was.

Raising himself a little, Tezuka coated himself with his free hand, and finally withdrew the other hand from his lover. At Fuji’s tight nod, the taller boy positioned himself, hands gentle on Fuji’s thighs, bending them slightly forward. His eyes told Fuji that all he had to do was say stop, and he would.

It was tight, despite preparations, and rather difficult, but finally Tezuka sheathed himself inside the shorter boy. He fell panting, arms the only things holding himself off Fuji’s chest. He brushed the hair out of Fuji’s tightly shut eyes, and kisses the eyelids softly.

Fuji tried so hard, but the tears still came. His eyes clenched shut, he didn’t want Tezuka to see the pain it caused, so he bit down on his lip, until he managed to get used to it. Then it became a little uncomfortable, and he really needed Tezuka to move. Threading his arms around the taller boys neck, Fuji pulled him down, whispering in a voice very short of breath. “Move…”

Tezuka complied. Damn it was tight, tight and hot, he didn’t know how long he’d last, but he had to exert amazing strength not to simply slam in and out of Fuji and satisfy himself. He moved languidly, slowly, trying so hard not to hurt the other boy.

Fuji scowled, a little more used to the sensations of pain that were now a dull throb. “I’m…not…going to… break,” he panted. He hooked his feet behind Tezuka and brough the older boy in fast and close. “Make me…scream.” The determination on his face helped tip Tezuka’s control over the edge.

Fine. Tezuka picked the pace up. His hips snapped himself in and out of Fuji’s pliant body, bringing himself closer and closer to the edge. He snaked a hand between them to pump his lover, managing to maintain that much control. A sudden cry from Fuji, made Tezuka almost stop if it hadn’t been for those powerful thighs gripping him and urging him to continue.

Fuji’s eyes shot open at the feelings rushing through him when Tezuka grabbed a hold of his erection. Double shots of sensation, from inside as well as outside. He cried out and his grip on Tezuka’s back tightened, hands raking trails down the previously perfect skin. The pain was still there, and yet… so was something damn good. Yet again, and Fuji found his back arching into the pleasure of the moment while that hot magma flowed out of his system, draining him.

Warm white liquid spilled over Tezuka’s hand, and muscles tightened around his shaft. His control frayed and he gave himself over. A few more thrusts into the shuddering body beneath him and Tezuka felt his vision blur white, while his seed was ripped from his own body into the waiting one of his lover, crying out his name. “Fuji…”

After the shaking in his own body subsided, Tezuka became aware that Fuji was playing with his hair, a tired but bemused smile on his face. The taller boy didn’t take his eyes off that gaze while letting himself slip from the smaller body. So he didn’t miss the wince that crossed the prodigy’s face. Tezuka lay himself down next to Fuji, reaching behind him to gather a pair of boxers, and wiped at the cooling mass of liquid on the both of them. He propped himself on one arm and circled the other around the prodigy, who just smiled sleepily up at him…something mischievous in his eyes.

“I thought you were supposed to make me scream.” Fuji’s voice was teasingly soft, and he moved his tender body carefully into a more comfortable position nestled against his taller lover.

Tezuka sighed, fighting a smile. “I didn’t scream, I cried out.”

Fuji snickered. “If you say so.” He yawned, and pushed his bangs off his face. Glancing down at his body, he decided he’d need a shower a little later on…when he felt up to moving. “You can call me Syusuke now… don’t you think?

The other boy nodded and smiled a little. “Kunimitsu.”

“I know your name, Tezuka.” Fuji smiled craftily, there was obviously a reason he used that name, and it looked like the taller boy wasn’t going to find out what it was any time soon.

Tezuka watched the blue eyes blink lazily, as if trying to reorientate themselves, and decided that he’d succumbed to the drug after all. Fuji was bad for you in large doses, but Tezuka thought he’d just have to learn to handle them. “So…are you still bored?”

Fuji cocked his head to one side, a contemplative expression on his face. “Hmmm, nope, not at the moment.” His smile turned into a grin and he chuckled before adding: “Just give me five more minutes…”

I think I used damn too much... but I'm tired ... heh thats the excuse I'm sticking to...

Um pretty sure I got most of the mistakes…sorry if I didn’t.

Feedback greatly appreciated!

Hope you enjoyed it!

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