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Title: Kiss Me Again
Author: Arithion
Rating: Going to go for a tentative R here
Genre: hmm General, Dramaish? Bit of Angst… slight bit of sap…ok LOTS of sap
Pairing: TorixShishi (literally)
Chapter: One Shot!!! (at least I damn well hope so…)
Summary: Kisses can be a lot more than you think…
Warnings: Sap… Sap… Sap and SAP! Um yeah… yaoi, shishi thoughts… and shishi pov…
Disclaimer: Not mine… SOB

Kiss Me Again

The kiss was soft and warm, caring and giving, needing and wanting, taking and fulfilling. It reminded Shishido of just why he loved the boy gently pressing him into the wall. His mind was filled with the sensations, his hands fisted in those soft ash locks, his senses overloaded with the smell and taste of Ohtori Choutarou.

Ryou felt those hands dancing along the skin underneath his shirt, ghosting, barely touching, and yet evoking so many sensations he just wanted to take the other boy then and there. But this time… this time was different, one of the rare times Choutarou actually took the initiative, and Ryou wasn’t about to stop him.

Each heartbeat deepened the kiss, until Ryou felt like he was drowning. The taller boy ran fingers teasingly over warm flesh before finding the edges of the shirt and divesting the brown-haired boy of it. An involuntary moan escaped the older boy’s lips as the mouth moved away from his own…to latch onto his neck.

The moan changed cadence, intensifying until it became a rumble tinged with raw need, and he could feel the taller boy smiling into the bite. There was no need for words, they spoke enough at other times…knew each other well enough not to need them. Instead, sensation took over as Choutarou slipped his hands behind Ryou’s back, kneading, pressing…pushing the other boy against him.

Ryou’s head lolled back slightly, letting the feelings wash over him. The fact that Ohtori was still clothed only registered slightly in the back of his mind, but the thought fled when that mouth started trailing kisses down his chest. It nipped and sucked, licked and breathed warm air all the way down to the waistband of his shorts. Choutarou’s tongue danced teasingly along the edges, making Shishido fist his hands tighter in that soft fall of hair.

Choutarou’s hands moved from their hold up his back, and Ryou almost keened with the sense of loss. At least, until those hands worked deftly to free him from the confines of the rest of his clothing. His knees almost buckled and he was glad when gentle hands guided him down, resting his back against the floor, nestling him in the soft carpet that he was now grateful for.

Those same, magical hands wandered down the senior’s legs, enticing, promising…teasing. Shishido grew harder as the sensations threatened to sweep him away. Every time Ohtori managed to overcome his relative shyness, Ryou felt that the younger boy got more and more … skilled. Those fingers awoke an awareness in him that the senior didn’t know he had. His entire body tingled under the ministrations as Choutarou’s mouth ghosted over the senior’s hard cock.

Ryou groaned, and he tried to buck his hips slightly, but found himself held in place by the other boy who chuckled softly, letting his warm breath tease further. A tongue snaked out, gently lapping at the tip of the senior’s cock, setting nerve endings on fire before engulfing him completely. Ryou tried to buck his hips again, wanting more of that heat, of that sweet sensation but was yet again unsuccessful.

Lips sucked lightly against him, while that tongue ran teasingly, provocatively, and a thousand of other ways Ryou couldn’t think clearly enough to name, over his length. The heat was almost unbearably good, as was the soft massage Choutarou intermittently applied to the senior’s shaft. Ryou’s nerves wouldn’t cooperate and another cry emerged from his throat as hands clutched his boyfriend in something akin to desperation.

Wet, hot suction brought him perilously close to the edge, just waiting for him to fall off. As if he could sense it, Choutarou smiled slightly and somehow that was the last straw. A strangled cry emerged from Ryou’s throat as he spilled his seed into the smiling mouth of his lover. The senior clutched convulsively at the fabric of Choutarou’s shirt, fisting it, wanting to tear it from the other boy’s body as the shudders wracked his frame from the force of release.

Ryou felt dazed and blinked owlishly trying to reorientate himself. Suddenly that sweet face was above him, body pressed, still clothed, flush against him. Those lips he so needed lowered themselves to his own, engulfing his mouth in a sweet kiss, allowing Shishido to taste the remnants of his own seed. The bitter taste sent a tingle down his spine, and all of a sudden Ryou needed more… much more.

His hands gripped onto the shirt still covering the torso he so wanted to feel against his own. Hurried fingers almost ripped it off the younger boy, before Choutarou gently swatted his hands away and removed it himself with a chuckle. “Patience…senpai…” he murmured before kissing the senior once again.

Ryou groaned at the sound of his lover’s voice, and his obstinate streak shone through as he growled in response, tugging on the pants still confining too much of the junior’s body. “No…” He tugged again. “Off…now…”

The answering soft laugh sent more shivers racing down Ryou’s entire body, and he arched his back a little, rubbing himself against the other boy, trying to obtain the contact he so sorely needed. Every time… it happened every time Choutarou did this; Ryou felt like his skin was going to melt with the amount of sensations running through it. The sudden feeling of skin against skin made the senior moan, almost whimper. He wanted, needed…damn, he just had to have, and he knew the other boy knew this.

Where Choutarou managed to pull lubricant from, Shishido didn’t know and frankly, didn’t really care. All he knew was that his brain was on overload with the fiery kiss he was given…the battle of their tongues for possession of his own mouth. It was a battle he really didn’t mind losing right then. A slicked finger probed at his entrance, and he fought against his body, willing it to relax. Suddenly Choutarou’s mouth left his and bit down at the juncture of his neck, causing Ryou to cry out. It was just like the junior to mask what was usually painful in a sensation that was almost pure pleasure.

Getting used to the finger in his passage, Ryou squirmed a little, trying to dislodge that slight feeling of pain and give himself over to other sensations. Choutarou was gentle, slowly working the senior so as not to cause him any undue pain. Despite the fact that Ryou was impatient right then, and didn’t really care, he knew that it was just the way his lover was. And even if it was almost agonisingly slow torture, Ryou loved the fact that Choutarou was that way.

The second finger hurt more, but the kisses showered on him made it easier for Ryou to ignore it. He focused on the lips meeting his own, the skin that touched skin, and the delightful friction he could never seem to get enough of. It was a side to him that only Choutarou saw… that only Choutarou would ever be allowed to see, because in all truth, it was a side that sometimes scared Ryou. That he could want to feel this way, to have those hands touch him and bring him to heights of pleasure. That he could want just one person so badly, so often and so damn much…needing him and his reassurances constantly; it was something he could only admit at moments like these. He hoped the other boy understood.

All rational thought was torn from him as the next finger entered him, filling him in a way that only made him want more. Ryou groaned, and tried to squirm against those fingers, wanting to feel… to scream. Abandon…that’s what he felt… and he didn’t care in the slightest.

Ryou snaked a leg around the other boy, drawing them closer, showing his need…his impatience. Choutarou’s soft brown eyes gazed at him; lust mixing with amusement as he slowly brushed his body against Ryou’s. That mouth lowered to capture the senior’s in a searing kiss, at the same time as hands gently gripped Shishido’s hips angling him to just the right degree.

The sting of entrance made Ryou bite down on his lip, despite the kiss. Choutarou’s breath was coming in short gasps as he obviously fought to keep still. Ryou breathed in deeply before bucking his hips slightly, just enough to give the other boy the signal they both craved right then.

With agonising slowness, Choutarou withdrew before pushing back in. Pain mingled with other sensations, making Ryou tighten the hold his leg had around the taller boy. His hands gripped shoulders forcing them closer, as if he could crush them together and never worry about the threat of being apart. That was his fear, his vice; at the same time Choutarou was his addiction.

Their rhythm was familiar and heated, needing and wanting, taking and giving. Sensation spread like a wildfire, surrounding Shishido in a wave of heat he didn’t want to let go. Each thrust into him pushed him higher, the friction of their bodies against one another, milking his cock to hardness again, and still he wanted more.

Thrusting his hips in time, he made the silent demand of Chotarou to pick the pace up…that he was ready for it. There was a slight sigh into his mouth, of resignation or perhaps of anticipation… Ryou couldn’t tell. The thrusts picked up pace, as did the answering push of his own hips against those of the junior. Fingers raked down Choutarou’s back, causing the ash haired boy to throw his head back briefly in sensation, those deep eyes opened wide.

It made Ryou smirk, but it didn’t last for long, as Choutarou angled his hips a little differently and pushed back into the boy underneath him. White spots danced in front of Ryou’s eyes as the sensations swept him. It felt so damn good, he wanted so much more, but he knew he wasn’t going to last too much longer.

The ragged breathing that hitched against his own mouth told Ryou that Ohtori wasn’t going to last too much longer either and he tightened his hold. Choutarou thrust into Ryou once more, angling again, but this time it was too much… far too much. Heat spread through him, spearing him inside so much that his back arched as the orgasm tore through him. A moan more akin to a scream tore from his throat, vaguely resembling Choutarou’s name.

Sensation overload only allowed him to feel the last few thrusts just before Choutarou came as well. But he could see the way those soft brown orbs clouded over with the release, that pure desire, lust and satisfaction that Ryou knew was only for him. He held his arms loosely around the younger boy while they both shuddered with the aftershock.

Tired, somewhat exhausted but definitely sated, Ryou refused to think about how sticky they would both be if they didn’t clean up soon. He just wanted a few minutes holding the only person that could make him care.

A soft, almost sleepy chuckle rumbled against his ear, followed by the soothing tenor Ryou couldn’t get enough of. “You said you wanted a kiss…”

Ryou couldn’t help but chuckle too. “Mmhmm. You can kiss me like that anytime.”

Arms tightened around him, hips moving against his own slightly, making him groan softly. Brown eyes looked down into his own, amusement evident. “Oh, can I now?”

But any answer was sealed off as Choutarou claimed those lips in a gentle kiss once more. Ryou drew his hands up to rest in the ash locks once again, and thought that maybe he could get used to things this way… a little more frequently.


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