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Breaking Eternal

Pieces of my Soul...

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Hi I'm Arithion - formerly from Australia, and now residing in Kansas, USA. What? Why did I move from gorgeous, beachy, Brisbane Australia to windy, dry, in the middle of nowhere Kansas?
Love - yep - love makes you do weird and wonderful things ^_^

What am I doing when I'm not pining away for warmth, clear blue water and decent sushi? Pretty much everything.

I read, I write, I sing, I play (with dolls and music), and I ride... horses ^_^

♣ About Ari

Hi most people know me as Ari, Arithion or maybe even Arithkenshin. If you're here, you're probably here because of my horse obsession, my ball jointed doll fetish, my fan fiction, one of the many mmo's I've played, or else, perhaps even my original fiction.

In this journal I reserve the right to post about what I currently feel like talking about. Therefore, this journal may contain any of, but is not limited to, the following:
Real life
Asian Ball Jointed Dolls
Writing or rants thereof
My Husband, Trevor
My Corgis, Kira and Kuma
My Horse, Nash
My Twinnie, Hana
Yaoi fandom squeeing/ranting
And any current Fandom/Anime/Manga loves.

Writing ♦

If you're actually here because of my original fiction - which I'm not exactly expecting of anyone - then welcome, and please comment and ask to be added to my writing filter. I try not to bore those who ask not to be tortured ;) I'm currently busy overwhelming myself with far too many unfinished projects, and ignoring the ones that should better be edited and completely finished.
My current works in need of an edit/revision are:
Breaking Eternal
Weep the Willow

My current works in need of completion are:
far too many to count, and I'll list them in a locked post at some stage.

If you're here because of fan fiction or fandom, feel free to friend me, I'll friend back if you drop a line. Prince of Tennis fan fiction items can be found at word_games and I'm working (slowly) on putting the rest of my fiction into place on my own site. I'm so lazy. So if you actually managed to find me from Gundam Wing... wow and at some stage the archive will be complete.

♥ Dolls

I love Asian Ball Jointed Dolls. All bar one have been based and stylised on my own original characters.
Traithan (CP El)
Kian (CP Yder)
Etiyen (Volks Okita Souji)
Mikel (Volks Maki)
Sage (CH Gene)
Shayde (DnD Shade)
Charon (CP VE Chiwoo)
Uriel (CP E Chiwoo)
Astaroth (CP VE Yder)
Abaddon (CP VE LuWen)
Psyda (Volks Cecile Scar Face)
Ashke (CP Juri 05)
Chaos (BC Gun)
Fuji (CP V Shiwoo)
Bastian (Volks Ryoya Konoe)
Reign (BC June Boy)

I also dabble in face ups for these dolls - I'll link to my portfolio when I figure out how ^_~
My doll journal traithan_et_al is no longer being used.
F A Q ♠

This journal is not necessarily friends only anymore as it once was, but there will be posts that I do lock for multiple reasons - usually that they're personal in nature.

If you do want to friend me, it might be good to know the following things about me.I am:
A Trekkie
shiroibara's Twinnie
An Anime addict
A rabid Yaoi fan
An MMO addict (currently Aion)
A Horse Addict (Nash Addict)
A sometime musician
A wannabe photographer
A wannabe Author
An anti-Twilighter
sushi lover
very loyal to my friends

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